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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Plane Landed After 37 Years

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September 9, 1990, Caraga Venezuela South America. A long Douglas-type aircraft suddenly appeared over Caracas airport.

Like a flying phantom of the Twilight Zone, a chartered DC-4 aircraft with 57 passengers on board landed in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1992 ... 37 years after his disappearance in 1955 during a flight from New York to Miami! But in less than a few minutes, the plane took off again a ghost, and disappeared into the clouds! Testimonies and taped radio communication between the pilot and control tower are irrefutable proof that this nightmarish landing still was in reality.
- Indications of workers control service of the airport, who saw the incident, the same in essence, - said Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation Ramon Estovar. But the clincher, according Estovara is a small calendar 1955, which gave the pilot the runway a few seconds before take-off and the disappearance of DC-4.
- I saw the plane ... I heard the voice of the pilot. I even carried a calendar, but still can not believe it, - said Juan de la Corte, who clearly saw everything that happened from his post on the tower control flight. - These people aboard still think that now in 1955 and that they had landed in Florida. But it is not. God knows where they have been all these years.
According to de la Corte and other managers, they realized that there is something supernatural, when the airport was suddenly approached propeller plane that has not appeared on the radar screens.
- We saw the plane with his own eyes, but on the radar were no signs of it, - said de la Corte. - We have asked the pilot to call himself, and he radioed us, "Where are we?" His voice was frightened and confused, but finally he said that charter flight 914 from New York to Miami, with a crew of 4 people and 57 passengers. Manager said that after these words of the pilot in the control room was quiet. Everyone was stunned. Destination Flight 914 ... Miami ... 1800 km from Caracas ...
- I told the pilot: "It Caracas, Venezuela, South America ...". Then I asked, "Are you suffering a disaster?" There was no answer, and I cleared the corridor for landing. Planting was excellent. Just when I started to think that everything went well, I heard the pilot told his copilot: "Jesus Christ, Jimmy! What the hell are you? "They looked at the jet and behaved as if it was a spaceship.
According to de la Corte, the pilot stated that he was scheduled to sit at Miami International Airport at 9.55 am July 2, 1955.
- Then I heard him say, "Something is wrong here." I radioed the plane: "Captain, this is an international airport in Caracas. Today, May 21, 1992. "He just said," Oh, my God! "I could hear him breathing heavily. I tried to calm him down, saying that it had sent to the ground crew.
According to de la Corte, when the ground crew and approached the tanker aircraft, the pilot shouted over the radio: "No! Do not go near! We're leaving here! "Later, ground service workers reported seeing passengers face pressed against the window. A pilot opened the window of his cab and waved them to leave.
- He waved to some folder - said de la Corte. - Probably, because of it and fell calendars, which we later found out. The pilot started the engines, and the plane took off. Leaders of civil aviation detained all records of negotiations with the board, and also found a calendar and continue to investigate the incident.

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Friday, 25 March 2016

Area 51- An Unexplained Mystery

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Less than 100 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada is the most famous secret military installation on the planet. Rumors swirl around this base, much like the mysterious aircraft that twist and turn in the skies overhead. Although it’s known by many names, most people call it by the Atomic Energy Commission’s (AEC) designation: Area 51. 
restricted area sign
There are several theories about how Area 51 got its name. The most popular is that the facility borders the Nevada Test Site (NTS). The AEC used the NTS as testing grounds for nuclear bombs. The NTS is mapped as a grid of squares that are numbered from one to 30 (with a few omissions). Area 51, while not part of this grid, borders Area 15. Many say the site got the name Area 51 by transposing the 1 and 5 of its neighbor. Another popular theory is that the number 51 was chosen because it was not likely to be used as part of the NTS system in the future (in case the NTS expanded later on).
The first documented use of the name Area 51 comes from a film made by the company Lockheed Martin. There are also declassified documents from the 1960s and 1970s that refer to a facility called Area 51. Today, officials refer to the facility as an operating location near Groom Lake when speaking to the public — all official names for the site appear to be classified.
satellite view of area 51The name alone inspires thoughts of government conspiracies, secret “black” aircraft and alien technologies. Facts, myths and legends weave together in such a way that it can become difficult to separate reality from fiction. What exactly goes on in this installation? Why did the government alternatively acknowledge and deny its existence until the 1990s? Why is the airspace over it so restricted that even military aircraft are forbidden from flying through it? And, what does it have to do with Roswell, New Mexico?
Each question seems to have a million different answers. Some answers are plausible, while others stretch credulity so far that if someone said it out loud, you might feel the urge to back away from them slowly. In this article, we’ll look at the facts as far as anyone outside of the facility can determine them and examine the more popular theories about Area 51.
map of area 51Where is Area 51?
Area 51’s coordinates are 37°14’36.52″N, 115°48’41.16″W. You can get a great view of it using Google Earth. Just type “Area 51” into the “Fly To” field and the map does the rest. For decades, the base remained hidden from almost everyone, but in 1988 a Soviet satellite photographed the base. Several publications acquired the photos and published them. The secrecy of the base is still of paramount importance, but as far as satellite coverage is concerned, the cat is out of the bag.
So what goes on at this base? According to the Air Force, the facility’s purpose is for “the testing of technologies and systems training for operations critical to the effectiveness of U.S. military forces and the security of the United States.” All specifics regarding the facility and the projects housed there are classified. What is known is the Air Force, the CIA and Lockheed have used the base as a staging ground for test flights of experimental, secret aircraft, also known as black aircraft. The base served as the development and testing facility for cutting edge aircraft technology from the U-2 spy plane to the F-117A Stealth Fighter. 

alien drawingSome believe that an alien spacecraft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, and that the government shipped the wreckage and a body to Area 51 for examination and study. A few go even further, claiming the facility has underground levels and tunnels connecting it to other secret sites, and that it contains warehouses full of alien technology and even living alien specimens. Some theorize that the aliens are actually the ones running the show and that their goal is to create a human-alien hybrid (the aliens seem to have lost the ability to reproduce on their own). Stories cast the aliens in roles from benevolent visitors to evil overlords who subsist on a paste made from ground-up human bits. Air Force representatives have publicly denied that aliens have anything at all to do with Area 51, but that seems to have only strengthened conspiracy theorists’ wilder suggestions.

June 24, 1947, was the day the term flying saucer entered the American vocabulary. That was the day Kenneth Arnold reported sighting a UFO while piloting his private plane over Washington state. He said the object flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water, and the flying saucer was born. 

On July 8, 1947, Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release written by General William “Butch” Blanchard, stating they had recovered the remains of an unidentified flying object. The Army quickly retracted the statement, but not before it ran in several papers. According to the Army, it was not a flying disc at all, but a weather balloon. Years later, declassified documents said that the object recovered at Roswell was actually a balloon created for a surveillance program called Project Mogul. The weather balloon story was a cover for this secret project. Of course, UFO believers say that the spy balloon story is also a cover, and that the Army really did recover an alien craft.Reverse Engineering at Area 51.

In UFO enthusiast lore, Hangar 18 is the name of the building that houses a captured alien spacecraft and even an extraterrestrial being. The location of Hangar 18 is up for debate among believers. Some have claimed the hangar at Area 51 is Hangar 18. A film titled “Area 51: The Alien Interview” shows an alleged alien in captivity, though skeptics raised doubts of its authenticity. Rick Baker, a special effects expert with many years of experience, stated categorically that he believed the alien to be nothing more than a puppet.

**All the information written above have been gathered from different online sources.Neither WORLDS BEST nor the Admin validates any evidence of it.It's only the sole decision of the readers whether to believe it or not.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Tandaav Ganpati: A True Tale of Horror

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hello ,viewers
Image result for aghori tantrik
It's been a long time since the last post.
But it's never to late , so let me share something new with you all.
In this post I am going to discuss about those person who worship evil god "shaitaan" , who sacrifice innocent lives to feed their god  , calling this ritual as "bali" -means to feed the god with blood to make him happy so that the god will bless them with supernatural powers

Image result for aghori tantrikThese peoples are called "AGHORI" ,"TANTRIK"  (SECT) .
It has been in believe among people that these aghoris possess magical powers and are capable of doing good or bad to common people.

Performing rituals by enchanting special mantras that would give them powers to do somthing that they want.
It is also believed from ancient times that, these people may even pet spirits for their use ,it is same as we pet a dog to guard or for combat in the defence forces,.

 **Aghori tantriks go in search of the powers and try to gain it by all means. They also are known to ritual worship using a corpse at an altar to invoke the mother goddess in her form as Smashan Tara (Tara of the Cremation Grounds).The Aghori tantriks are notorious their alcoholic and cannibalistic rituals. The corpses pulled from a river or obtained from cremation grounds, are consumed both raw and cooked on open flame, as the Aghoris believe that what others consider a "dead man" is, in fact, nothing but a natural matter devoid of the life force it once contained. For Aghoris, nothing is profane or separate from God. In fact, a burial ground or a haunted house is a preferred place of “sadhana” or worship for an Aghori tantric.

In this post i am gonna share a tale ,  A TRUE TALE of "TANDAV GANAPATI" .
which i also name as "arrival of cursed life".

The cursed and evil statue in this tale, the Aghori Tanddav Ganpati was created sometime after 1765 AD. Its origins can be traced to the war of succession in the Peshwa family. Peshwa Sawai Madhavrao was on the throne and was seriously ill. The doctors had stated that he did not have long to live. His uncle, Raghunathrao wanted the throne for himself and was just waiting for his nephew’s death. To ensure that his nephew did not survive, he took help of an Aghori Tantrik named Kotrakar Guruji” who hailed from Mysore. This Tantrik has this idol made of Ganpati doing a “tanddan nritya”, the “Dance of Death”. It was made of “Panchadhatu”, an alloy of five metals and was a one and a half foot in height. It is said that anyone who came in contact with this Aghori statue met a terrible end.

The Shaniwarwada, the Palace of the Peshwas where the evil Aghori Tandaav Ganpati statue was worshipped by Raghunathrao Peshwa
The most chilling victims of this statue was Peshwa Narayanrao, the younger brother of Sawai Madhavrao who had succeeded him. Angered by this Raghunathrao and his wife Anandibai plotted his murder. On their instructions, a group of assassins entered the Shaniwarwada to kill Narayanrao. The young lad ran to his uncle, Raghunathrao’s chambers screaming “Kaka mala vachva” (Uncle! Please save me!). At this time, Raghunathrao was worshipping this cursed statue with the Tantrik. As Narayanrao entered the room, he was hacked to pieces by the assassins. It is said that this statue was completely covered in blood of the dead Peshwa. The statue had claimed its first “Bali” (sacrifice) and more such victims were to follow.

The murder of his nephew did not do Raghunathrao any good. His own people turned against him, and he had to flee Pune. Soon he became a fugitive and died of a prolonged painful illness.

A palace retainer named Shedanikar stole the idol from Raghunathrao and installed in under a peepul tree in the village of Shedani near Pune. Over time, the idol moved to Chinchwad, Wai and finally in a home of a Brahmin in Satara. All its owners as well as their descendants were known to die a slow and painful death from illness and insanity. The Brahmin from Satara suffered so badly that he decided to get rid of the idol and threw it in a large abandoned well behind his house. There is lay forgotten for 50-60 years. However, as in horror movies, these objects never disappear for ever. 

Around 60 years later a famous sanyasi in the Satara town known as Godbole Shastri (better known as Swami Swachandanand) saw this cursed Aghori Tandaav Ganpati in his dreams. He requested his disciple Mr Wamanrao Kamat to look for it. After a few investigations, Mr Kamat came to know of its cursed history. He also came to know that that Brahmin (who had thrown the statue in the well) had died a horrible death. As a result, Mr Kamat began to delay and avoid his quest for the statue. However, Gobole Shastri started getting sightings in his dreams in which he saw that idol everyday begging to be released. After a lot of persuasion, Mr Kamat took the statue out of the well. He installed the statue in his home and worshipped it every day.

The jinxed idol made the Kamat family its next victims. Slowly all the family members died a terrible death. Mr Kamat too died a slow and painful death in 1937. Since his entire family had died, one of his distant relatives moved this cursed idol from the puja room into an underground chamber. In 1946, Mrs Chiplunkar, a distant cousin of Mr Kamat took the statue in her possession. She too died a slowly as a paralytic. Mr Moghe, a renowned antique collector from Bombay, heard of this historic statue and wanted to acquire it. He requested his friend Mr D S Bapat of Pune to acquire this statue from Mrs Chiplunkar in Satara. Mr Bapat requested his friend Mr Sontakke to take this idol with him to Pune. Mr Sontakke did not wish to travel to Bombay at night and so took the idol home, so that he could start his journey the next morning. As soon as he got the idol home, his wife, Mrs Sontakke got excruciating pains in her stomach which continued the whole night. The next morning, as Mr Sontakke left with the jinxed statue, the pain suddenly stopped. Sadly, Mrs Sontakke could never bear the children again.

Mr Moghe, the antique collector was the next victim of this jinxed idol. His son soon became mentally ill and had to be consigned in mental asylum. Mr Moghe lost all his money and became bankrupt. Mr Moghe had a friend named Mr Keshavram Ayyengar. He handed over the infamous statue to Mr Ayyengar and asked him to destroy it. Mr Ayyengar felt that such an evil object had to be destroyed in a proper holy manner. He took the statue to the Shankaracharya of Kanchi , one of the holiest priests of Hindu religion. The Shankaracharya had one look at the statue and asked Ayyengar to take away the evil statue away as soon as possible as he did not want it anywhere near the sacred place. Mr Ayyengar went back to Madras with a heavy heard. As soon as he reached Madras, he heard the news that his wife had died and his son had turned mad. Sometime in 1960s, Mr Ayyengar donated the evil state to Shankar Mutt at Thambu Chetty Street in Madras. This is the last known location of this statue 

Last Known Location of the evil Aghori Tandaav Ganpati statue (as per the book: Peshwe Gharanyacha Itihas by Dr. Pramod Oak):

Sri Sankara Math (A branch of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam)

Thambu Chetty Street, George Town

Chennai – 600 001 

**NOTE : WORLDS BEST takes no responsibility of the fact having resemblence to any person real or dead
        nor confirms the truth behind the tale . It's totally upto viewers either to believe or not
        WORLDS BEST posts are shared based on the personal believe of the admin ,which may or may not                be followed by viewers depending upon their individual choices.
WORLDS BEST  does not prompt viewers to risk themselves finding the reality behind this tale.
#contents posted may be referenced from other webpages.

ADMIN :  Its better not to dig few things up , and read them in tales only rather than paying  life as a                price !!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Snake Child

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Amazing snake baby born in Dharan after 12 months

 of pregnancy

Wow what a creature and what is going to happen in this world? It is so true ..
6% of new borns worldwide are with some kind of defects. Some are extremely rare and some are common. The common ones are heart diseases, neural diseases, facial clefts or some minor deformities. Down syndrome is also a common genetic disorder. There are some rare permanent birth disorders.
Most of these defects can be summarized as absence of organs, non functional organs or systems, fused body parts or appearance of extra organs. Many of them are fatal but some are not. Some have cures or treatments.Still, the next new birth defect is almost unpredictable. In some rare cases, there can be multiple birth defects in the same new born.
A similar case has been found in our neighbouring country NEPAL's , a city named 'Dharan'.
The child that was borned has quite shocking and strange body feature :with a body of a python, feet of a chicken, hair of an old woman, beard like a goat on face. A video clip too has been taken , though the child and mother both died after the birth, the childs wierd body has been kept as a specimen.  
The Question do arises in our mind , Whether  the story is a true fact or just a piece of  people to people story to gain attention .
Though , We can't conclude whether it's true or false , but the video clip that has been recorded proves as an evidence for this fact being true. It can be genetic modification , can be called as natures magic.
Since the place of incidence is not too close to the city , and due to lack of proper media in country like Nepal , this incidence has not come to light to public and hence resides in the minds of only few.  So , WORLDS BEST concerns  to make you people aware about these  stories you would like to know.

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