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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Scary Experience

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by Marry ,Hyderabad via Worlds Best

I am Marry and I am of 14 years old. I live in Hyderabad. Before entering into the story I want to introduce myself. Nobody in our family believe ghost or their existence, but they strongly believe in god. I am the only one girl who firmly believes in ghost and god.
So, entering into the story, in Summer vacation I always visit my grandma's house in Hyderabad only. So, my aunt (my mother's own sister), whenever they go out to a restaurant or a movie they used to take me too because they used to live near my grandma's house. So, sometimes it was getting late at night and they used to take me to their house instead of dropping me in grandma's house to stay that night.
Once they took me to a movie and it was late at night (around 11:00 pm) so they took me to their house and I slept there that night. It was an apartment and I was sleeping in a bed which was attached to the window. Suddenly, I got a nightmare that a ghost appeared on other side of the window and it was keeping his hands inside the walls as it was pressing me at my hips and I am suffering from severe pain. I suddenly opened my eyes and I was really feeling a severe pain at my hips. So, I was chanting Hanuman Chalisa and tried to get sleep but when I closed my eyes and stopped chanting, I felt that someone entered into the room and shouted at me loudly. I was feeling very much scared and I began to feel paralyzed and I was also not able to speak. So, slowly I opened my eyes and I saw a shadow-like structure and I shouted loudly and everyone in the house got up. My aunt told to me to sleep with her as I was not able to talk and that night and my condition was also very bad. The next day I was admitted in hospital because I was suffering from high fever, vomits and weakness.
From that day, whenever I sleep in my Aunt's House I was used to take a photo of god and used to keep it under pillow. REALLY VERY SCARY AND WEIRD EXPERIENCE.

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