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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ghost Experience in Jhansi

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by Maahi , Noida via Worlds Best

My husband is 4m jhansi . After marriage v r stayng in noida..v occationally go 2 jhansi..i'v heard a numbr of true stories 4m him ...a numbr of incidences dat took place in jhansi & now i want 2 share 1
It was d time when my husband was in college..there was his neighbour who was doing a job in most of d time he was away 4m jhansi..1nce in a month he used 2 visit jhansi..
There was a girl(16 yr old) who stayed near his house.and 1 an incident took place..
1 day dat girl 1 knew how she died..i hindu it is believd dat d spirit of d dead person remain in d house 4 13 days..but dis belief was provd true..i'll tell u how
It was 2 days after d death of dat husbnd neighbour(i dnt knw his name) came 4m delhi 2 was around 12:__ when his train came 2 jhansi via delhi.he took an auto rikshaw 4m railway station 2 his home..
D auto driver droppd him on d main road near his house and went back.d man was all alone on d road.. When he was about 2 cross dat girl's house he heard some type of noise.d noise was coming 4m her house.1 thing 2 mention dat he was unaware about d death of dat girl..
When he heard d strange noise he lukd up 2ward d terrace of d house he saw dat girl standing & starring at him.when he saw dat girl he thought dat wat a stupid girl standing alone in such a cold night..and moved further 2wards his house..
He reached his home safely..he rang his door bell & his mother opend d door..he washd his hands, changd clothes and then startd eatng food.while havng his supper he told his mom dat "mummy kya pagal ladki hai itni sardi mein itni raat ko akele chat par khadi pata nahi kya kar rahi hai"(wat a stupid gurl doing! standing alone on d terrace in such a cold night).
His Mother was surprisd and enquird which gurl?he again told her d same thing.she again askd him which?then he shoutd at his mom "kitni bar bolu kaun si ladki ,kya 1 bar mein samajh nai ati"(how many times should i repeat,why dnt u undrstnd in 1 time).and then went 2 sleep.his mother was left speechless.
His mother was nt able 2 sleep on dat d mrng when d man woke up.his mother askd him again dat who was d girl last night.again he gave d same answr..and askd mom dat why she's askng me d same que again and again.
mom then told him about d death of dat girl.d man was shockd and had goosebumps..he was nt able 2 believe it..but it was d truth dat d girl was dead.
It was hard 4 him 2 believe it but his mother told him dat till 13 days d spirit remains in home

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