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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Paranormal Arguments

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Its been a long time since we discussed about the paranormals so lets get into it a more and discuss.
Actually our ancient time gave us the art of believing the paranormals either in the form of GOD or GHOST.
Whenever it comes the topic of god we all get deep respect and love for the god we pray and we have a positive thought. But the question arise here,  that when we come to the topic of ghost, why we start giving negative signs . We start to fear ,although some of you says " i don't believe in such kinda things that there are ghost who exists around us" but the fact is you too have somewhere inside you, resides the fear of ghost.

This fact comes to be proved when you wake up at mid night and go to kitchen for having a glass of water , and sudddenly you hear a crackling sound around , then you start getting negative thoughts in your tricky mind and you just get suspensed ,you start thinking "" what's there around ,who's there "" along with lots of swet on your face and you slowly keep the glass on the table and run calmly towards your bed enchanting the name of your god asking him to help you. Now the question arise here for those who in their rest of the times says that they don't fear such kinda stuffs. that "Why they do such things like enchanting the name of god at the moment i just above ??

now lets discuss this point. That there are hardly fewer people in the world who don't believe in god,
now the thing is if there could be god then why not ghosts??
Afterall both have similarities like both can be called as paranormal powers , both are not visible , just a believe for both ,none of us have seen neither god nor ghost so why suddenly should we come to the conclusion that there is god and not ghost or both of them do not exists?

We just hear the stories of the god and spirits othing else.
We are still not decided individually that whether they exist or not but according to science they don't but not according to majority of scientists who believe in god and worships their gods and they even fear to walk  alone in the silent streets or near the funeral ground at the mid night.

  so its all a MISTRY.......its not that we will not get the definate proof of such powers but its would take some time to get concluded 

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