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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Experience 1

welcome to WORLDS BEST

Let Us  read about the experiences that WB's visitors has sent me.

My name is Deepak and i'm 22 now. I live in a small town in India. When I was 12 years old, our family moved to a new house and it was an old house but nothing wrong about it. Things were great for the first few weeks. But one night while I was sleeping I woke up suddenly and I saw an old woman in white dress standing in front of me and she was staring at me. I was scared to death. Suddenly I realised that I can't move and that I lost my voice. I cried silently and I don't remember what happened next, I just woke up in the morning. I wanted to tell my parents about this but I didn't.

Another night after a few days, when all of us were sleeping, except my dad, he is watching tv. Suddenly the ceiling fan fell over my chest. I just can't bear the pain and I started crying like hell. My parents were worried about me and took me to a doctor. At that time when we came back and we all slept. I got this creepy feeling that I'm being watched. I just removed my blanket from my face and I can see that old woman on the ceiling. This time she was laughing at me and making very loud sounds. The thing is when ever I see her I can't move any part of my body and I can't even talk. I know I'm a kid when this happened but this isn't an imagination. I've told my mom about what happened to me and she said she also experienced something like that.
I don't know how it all stopped happening to me, but it stopped.
Also I've read somewhere that sleep paralysis may be the cause for the condition in which we cannot move or talk and when we feel tense we will imagine things that we will feel afraid. But I don't know which one is true.
Was the old woman just my imagination or a ghost? I don't know , I still get goosebums when i recall about it.

*****Thank You DEEPAK for sharing your experience ****** :) :)
Devesh Kumar, WORLDS BEST

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