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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Paranormal Movies

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Top 10 Paranormal Movies Based On True Events!

Movies based around the paranormal have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Thanks to Paranormal Activity, the paranormal genre was once again kick started in Hollywood, and on our televisions. We’ve got to see some creepy movies like, Insidious, The Possession and Sinister; or Shows like A Haunting, My Ghost Story, and countless others - 

The Mothman Prophecies
Hey, we called this list the top 10 paranormal movies based on true stories…we didn’t say all the movies would be awesome. Unfortunately, the film starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney, didn’t do the ‘real’ story any justice. If you want strange facts, and hair raising goose bumps, first ditch the DVD, then order the book of the same name, written by John A. Keel.
Angels, giant hybrid mutant moths or Aliens? It is something nightmares and science fiction is made of; however the truth is, the real story is a lot creepier than what was depicted in the film. The Mothman first entered imaginations back in 1966; and there were in fact several eye witnesses…almost 200 to be exact! Some witnesses, including a reporter claimed to have actually met a ‘Mothman’ in person. The mysteries surrounding this incident still live in infamy, especially in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Check out the video below for a bit about the real story, including eyewitness interviews.
When the Lights Went Out
If you are one of our readers from the UK, this particular hair rising ghost story might seem very familiar. A very dangerous and often times mischievous poltergeist, referred to as The Black Monk of Pontefract, began terrorizing the Pritchard family in the late 1960’s and early 70’s. This event, as noted by ghost researchers, was regarded as the most violent poltergeist haunting in Europe.
The Black Monk apparently did some rather disturbing things, including dragging the Pritchard’s daughter up the stairs by her neck. The Monk also would sometimes eat sandwiches, left unattended, and on occasion smear jam over door knobs. Regardless of what you might believe, the true story is terrifying, and the movie only released last year looks intense as well. Check out the trailer below.
The Entity
Okay, for many this movie was absolutely terrifying beyond belief. Not for special effects mind you, but pure psychological terror. For the 70’s, the movie was very scary, but what added that extra ‘poop in your pants’ scare, was knowing it was based on real events.
In the movie, the main character is Carla, in real life her name is Doris Bither, and her story is still regarded as one of the most disturbing paranormal events in known history. Besides the usual bumps in the night, Doris also suffered through repeated spectral rapes, by an unseen entity or entities. This movie is worth watching if you haven’t seen it, and as usual, reading up on the true story is also worth it.
The Amityville Horror
An elaborate hoax to make money, or a giant demonic pig named Jody terrorizing a family? No one really knows. There are those who flat out believe that it’s a lie, and many who strongly believe there was in fact a demon present at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville. The original 1979 film was creepy for the time; the remake however, left much to be desired. Besides Ryan Reynolds ripping body, the movie lacked many core parts the original touched on.
Ed and Lorraine Warren had also visited the house.
Whether you believe what happened or not, one new documentary literally just released (and releasing this month in select theaters) will indeed open up some old wounds. It also puts George Lutz in the center of the occult. ‘My Amityville Horror’, is told by Daniel Lutz, who was ten years old at the time, when his family was brutally terrorized by an evil presence. He has never spoken before about the events or told his side. This new documentary details the events through his eyes, and his claims about his step-father will no doubt stir-up a bit of controversy.
#6Audrey Rose
The movie Audrey Rose was more of a dramatic representation of the possibility of reincarnation. Although it didn’t have many of the horror or ghost elements most paranormal enthusiast love; the movie did have elements that really made you think.
There are many myths surrounding the movie Audrey Rose starring Anthony Hopkins. The movie itself wasn’t actually based on a true story, however the book by the same name written by Frank De Felitta, was based on the author’s own experiences with his son. De Felitta’s son began playing Ragtime music on the piano; an instrument he had never learned to use.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose
This movie seemed to depict more of a battle between science versus religion; a battle that played out in a courtroom throughout most of the movie. However, the movie was based on the true events surrounding a young girl from Germany named, Anneliese Michel.
To be perfectly honest, the case of Anneliese Michel is a sad one. First diagnosed with grand mal epilepsy, Anneliese began experiencing devilish hallucinations and hearing voices that told her she was damned. Her parents eventually gave up on psychiatric care and chose to rely on an exorcism for healing. The entire story has been collected into a book titled ‘The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel’; it includes pictures of the actual exorcism, and gives you insight into the scientific aspect as well as the religious. However, considering it’s the 21st century and we know more about mental illness; it is relatively clear that this poor girl suffered not only from a rare form of epilepsy, but also a disturbed form of schizophrenia.

An American Haunting

The truth behind this film is far scarier than the movie made it out to be. Although the movie was well written and well played out, the real story is based on another unusual case. Unusual and very disturbing is probably a better way to describe it. Ghost researchers described this event as one of the first reported “ghost murders” in known history.
You will not find a shortage of American ghost stories, but by far the story of the Bell Witch is one of the most famous and terrifying. The original story varies each time it’s told but some basic facts still hold strong. The story goes that the Bell witch is actually the ghost of Kate Batts; a very angry neighbor of John Bell, and his family. The Bell Witch, terrorized John’s daughter Betsy, by usually beating the crap out of her in front of many witnesses. John Bell would later die under very mysterious circumstances, leaving many to believe the Bell Witch herself murdered him. The Bell Farm is now an historical site, and so is a cave on the land which still apparently is haunted by the Bell Witch until this very day.

The Haunting in Connecticut

This movie was a big disappointment. Considering the special that aired on the Discovery Channel’s acclaimed series ‘A Haunting’ was much scarier, and more fact based. In my personal opinion the movie ruined the original story to its core.
The true story features Ed and Lorraine Warren once again. Back in 1986 the Snedeker family rented a new home in Southington, Connecticut, to be closer to a specialist for their son (at least that much was true in the film). They soon discovered that the home had once been a funeral parlor, but didn’t let it bother them too much. That is until their son started having horrifying visions and seeing ghosts. According to the Snedeker family, the evil eventually spread to the entire family. With the parents even claiming to have been raped repeatedly by demons…very disturbing indeed.
The Haunted
This movie is not as well-known as the others and more than likely many of you have not heard of it. The Haunted was a made for TV movie released in 1991. The show really doesn’t do the story justice, mainly because it was on TV. But, the book titled The Haunted: One Family’s Nightmare, will scare the pants off of you. I still light a candle at night in hopes that a remake will be made soon based on the Smurl family.
This story to like so many above has interesting elements that make it terrifying. It also was visited by the Warrens (they’ve been everywhere!). One event in particular was witnessed by the entire neighborhood. The smurl family went through absolute hell, almost literally. One night, looking for any sort of escape from the demons or demon that haunted them, they decided to leave their house. Upon doing so, it in effect angered whatever was dwelling in their home. Regardless to say and I don’t want to give away too much (because I’ve included the full movie below) their neighbors got one hell of a light show and screamfest. I do heartily recommend you read the book instead, at least until a remake is made.
#1The Exorcist
We can’t leave you without our number one choice, and what kind of list would this be without The Exorcist? William Peter Blatty wrote the book in 1971, and based it on an actual exorcism that took place in the Washington D.C. area in 1949. Instead of the daughter of a famous movie star, the exorcism was actually performed on a young boy. Just like depicted in the film, the young boy dabbled in the occult by playing with a Quija board – something introduced to him by his aunt.
Needless to say, strange things began to occur after the aunt died. Assuming it was in fact the aunt, the family of the young boy tried to make contact, but that seemed to make things much worse.
Scratching and knocking could be heard throughout the entire house, and on one night the mother was horrified to discover her son’s bed shaking violently. This was followed by other furniture beginning to move on its own. Several neighbors also witnessed disturbing things taking place in the house, and the young boy’s behavior began to change dramatically.

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