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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Snake Child

welcome to WORLDS BEST

Amazing snake baby born in Dharan after 12 months

 of pregnancy

Wow what a creature and what is going to happen in this world? It is so true ..
6% of new borns worldwide are with some kind of defects. Some are extremely rare and some are common. The common ones are heart diseases, neural diseases, facial clefts or some minor deformities. Down syndrome is also a common genetic disorder. There are some rare permanent birth disorders.
Most of these defects can be summarized as absence of organs, non functional organs or systems, fused body parts or appearance of extra organs. Many of them are fatal but some are not. Some have cures or treatments.Still, the next new birth defect is almost unpredictable. In some rare cases, there can be multiple birth defects in the same new born.
A similar case has been found in our neighbouring country NEPAL's , a city named 'Dharan'.
The child that was borned has quite shocking and strange body feature :with a body of a python, feet of a chicken, hair of an old woman, beard like a goat on face. A video clip too has been taken , though the child and mother both died after the birth, the childs wierd body has been kept as a specimen.  
The Question do arises in our mind , Whether  the story is a true fact or just a piece of  people to people story to gain attention .
Though , We can't conclude whether it's true or false , but the video clip that has been recorded proves as an evidence for this fact being true. It can be genetic modification , can be called as natures magic.
Since the place of incidence is not too close to the city , and due to lack of proper media in country like Nepal , this incidence has not come to light to public and hence resides in the minds of only few.  So , WORLDS BEST concerns  to make you people aware about these  stories you would like to know.

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